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  1. Interview with Greg Winterowd (on Goal 10)

    Interview with Greg Winterowd by Sy Adler on May 8, 2017 focused on Goal 10 of Oregon's Statewide Land Use Planning Program. Winterowd is principal and co-founder of Winterbrook Planning, a professional...

  2. Interview with Bruce Bartow

    Interview with Bruce Bartow by Michael Rupp on October 11, 2016. Bruce Bartow served as Planning Director for Josephine County, Oregon, from 1977 to 2005.

  3. Contextual Influences on Trip Generation

    There is national interest in building data that expands upon the existing Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) trip generation rates to include sites located in a multi-modal context. Current ITE rates...

  4. Land Use and Active Travel: A Complex Relationship

    While it’s accepted that mixed-use development promotes active travel, researchers don’t have a consensus on exactly how land use determines people’s travel patterns.

  5. No More Freeways: Urban Land Use-Transportation Dynamics without Freeway Capacity Expansion

    Observations of the various limitations of freeway capacity expansion have led to a provocative planning and policy question – What if we completely stop building additional freeway capacity. From a...

  6. The "ADaM Cube" : Categorizing Portland, Oregon's Urbanization Using GIS and Spatial Statistics

    Transportation availability and land use intensity demonstrate a strong relationship, with intense development concentrated near significant transportation investment. Transportation networks evolved in...

  7. Resident Perceptions of Natural Resources between Cities and across Scales in the Pacific Northwest

    As the global population becomes increasingly urban, research is needed to explore how local culture, land use, and policy will influence urban natural resource management. We used a broad-scale comparative...

  8. The Importance of Housing, Accessibility, and Transport Characteristic Ratings on Stated Neighborhood Preference

    Travel demand models commonly lack the ability to understand how changing residential preferences influence future housing, land use, and transportation policies. As communities struggle to address social...

  9. The Effects of Commuter Rail on Population Deconcentration and Commuting: A Salt Lake City Case Study

    All transportation systems have the ability to transform human settlement patterns, which can affect a range of social, economic and environmental issues. Considering investments in rail infrastructure have...

  10. The Influence of Land Use and Climate Change on Forest Biomass and Composition in Massachusetts, USA

    Land use and climate change have complex and interacting effects on naturally dynamic forest landscapes. To anticipate and adapt to these changes, it is necessary to understand their individual and aggregate...