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  1. A Pathway Linking Smart Growth Neighborhoods to Home-Based Pedestrian Travel

    Land development patterns, urban design, and transportation system features are inextricably linked to pedestrian travel. Accordingly, planners and decision-makers have turned to integrated transportation-land...

  2. Interview with Gordon Fultz

    Gordon Fultz was interviewed on April 26, 2017, by Michael Rupp and Jim Knight. Fultz is the Legislative Coordinator for the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC).

  3. Interview with Keith Cubic

    Interview with Keith Cubic by Michael Rupp on March 8, 2016. Keith Cubic has served as the Planning Director for Douglas County, Oregon, since 1978.

  4. Interview with Andy Cotugno

    Interview with Andy Cotugno by Sy Adler on March 8, 2016. Andy Cotugno served as planning director at Metro from 1980 to 2008 and as the Metro Council's Senior Policy Advisor from 2008 until his retirement in...

  5. Interview with Arthur Schlack

    Interview with Arthur Schlack by Dillon Mahmoudi on June 25, 2015. Art Schlack was a planner in Washington County, a comprehensive plan administrator in Clark County, Washington, a planning director in Polk...

  6. Interview with Gene Derfler

    Interview with Gene Derfler by Jim Knight on June 10, 2015. Gene Derfler was an Oregon State Representative from 1988-1994 and an Oregon State Senator from 1994-2002. He also worked in real estate in the Salem...

  7. Interview with Henry Richmond

    Interview with Henry Richmond by Jim Sitzman on June 1, 2015. Henry Richmond co-founded 1000 Friends of Oregon in 1974 and served as the group's first executive director for over 19 years.

  8. Interview with Robert Liberty

    Interview with Robert Liberty by Kevin Pozzi on August 13, 2015. Robert Liberty served as staff attorney and as Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Oregon, as an elected Metro Councilor in the Portland...

  9. Interview with Vic Affolter

    Interview with Vic Affolter by Bob Rindy on July 15, 2015. Vic Affolter served as the Planning and Community Development Director for Tillamook County, Oregon, for twenty years until his retirement in 2001.

  10. Travel Decisions & Their Implications for Urban Transportation: From Campus Transportation to Statewide Modeling

    The ability to forecast future transportation patterns under a particular land-use scenario or urban form is key to making informed decisions at the local and regional levels.