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  1. The Influence of Land Use and Climate Change on Forest Biomass and Composition in Massachusetts, USA

    Land use and climate change have complex and interacting effects on naturally dynamic forest landscapes. To anticipate and adapt to these changes, it is necessary to understand their individual and aggregate...

  2. Interview with Allen Johnson

    Allen (Al) Johnson was interviewed by Sy Adler on June 2, 2017.

  3. Neighboring in Strip City: A Situational Analysis of Strip Clubs, Land Use Conflict, and Occupational Health in Portland,...

    A lack of land use controls on sexually oriented businesses contributes to the unique configuration of Portland, Oregon's strip clubs: nearly fifty clubs are distributed throughout the city's neighborhoods....

  4. Interview with James B. (Jim) Knight

    James Knight was interviewed on April 24, 2017, by Michael Rupp.

  5. Interview with Lloyd Chapman

    Lloyd Chapman was interviewed on July 31, 2017, by Michael Rupp and Jim Knight.

  6. Interview with Chief Justice Wallace P. Carson, Jr.

    Interview with Chief Justice Wallace P. Carson, Jr. by Katherine Daniels on July 1, 2015. Chief Justice Wallace Carson was the longest-serving Chief Justice on the Oregon Supreme Court (fourteen years,...

  7. A Pathway Linking Smart Growth Neighborhoods to Home-Based Pedestrian Travel

    Land development patterns, urban design, and transportation system features are inextricably linked to pedestrian travel. Accordingly, planners and decision-makers have turned to integrated transportation-land...

  8. Planning at the Ballot Box : Better Decisions or the End of Planning?

    Land use planning in a variety of forms has been coming to the ballot box in Oregon more frequently in recent years, and this raises a host of issues for citizens, planners, advocates of all stripes, and...

  9. Industrial Decline in an Industrial Sanctuary Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District, 1981-2014

    This study examines the evolution of the industrial landscape of Portland, Oregon’s Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) from the initial declaration in 1981 as an ‘industrial sanctuary’ to the...

  10. Transportation Cost Index as a Performance Measure for Transportation and Land Use Systems: New Approaches and Applications

    This research aims to fill gaps in existing multi-modal performance measures for transportation and land use systems: As a supplement/replacement of traffic-centric measures such as LOS, travel delay; Recent...