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  1. Happy Hollow land use permit

  2. Randall Turner land use permit (Pope Road)

  3. A computer simulation model of land use dynamics in the State of Oregon

    The dynamics of land use in the State of Oregon are simulated

  4. BLM facts. Oregon and Washington : 1984

    Gerald W. Williams Collection

  5. Determining relative benefits to communities from urban and agricultural land use change in Napa County, California

    Urban sprawl and the establishment of greenbelts to separate growing cities and

  6. Water Quality in the Long Tom River Watershed 1999-2003

    Abstract -- The report contains: introduction, background on the watershed: land use, water use, precipitation, fish and amphibians, study design and methods: training, parameters and sampling frequency,...

  7. Analysis of land use/land cover and the frequency of bankfull flow in selected salmon habitat recovery streams in the Pacific...

    Bankfull discharge is an important indicator of streamfiow and affects

  8. How Well has Land-Use Planning Worked Under Different Governance Regimes? A Case Study in the Portland, OR-Vancouver, WA...

    We examine land use planning outcomes over a 30-year period in the Portland, OR-Vancouver, WA (USA) metropolitan area. The four-county study region enables comparisons between three Oregon counties subject to...

  9. Water and Land Use Planning: A Case for Better Coordination

    Over the next 30 years, the population of Oregon is expected to grow by 1.6 million residents, of which half is expected to locate in the three counties comprising the Portland metropolitan region. At current...

  10. Historical landscape reconstruction and perceptual geography of Mount Hood, Oregon

    This research seeks to understand the influences of perception on land use around