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  1. Realistic or Utopian? Coordinating Transit and Land Use to Achieve Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

    Equitable transit-oriented development (E-TOD)—the prioritization of social equity as an outcome of TOD implementation—has become a U.S. DOT policy stance, an objective of many other government bodies, and...

  2. Effects of Comprehensive Plan Amendments on Interchange Traffic in Oregon

    In this paper we examine the effects of amendments to local comprehensive plans on interchange performance. Plan amendments over a 15-year period in Oregon resulting in changes to industrial or commercial land...

  3. Interview with Roger Kirchner

    Interview with Roger Kirchner by Jim Knight on August 12, 2015. Roger Kirchner was a founding staff member of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development and served on the Land Conservation and...

  4. Interview with Robert Cortright

    Robert Cortright was interviewed on March 9, 2017 by Ben Kahn. Bob Cortright is the Transportation Planning Coordinator for Oregon's Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD).

  5. Interview with Arnold Cogan

    Interview with Arnold Cogan by James (Jim) Sitzman on June 23, 2015. Arnold Cogan, of the community outreach firm Cogan, Owens, & Green, was Oregon's first Planning Coordinator under Governor Tom McCall, the...

  6. Interview with Richard Benner

    Interview with Richard Benner by Anthony Lavenda on May 14, 2015. Dick Benner served as Director of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, as staff attorney for 1000 Friends of Oregon, and...

  7. Interview with Edward Sullivan

    Interview with Edward Sullivan by Kevin Pozzi on August 20, 2015. Ed Sullivan served as Assistant County Counsel and County Counsel for Washington County and as Legal Counsel for the Governor of Oregon. He was...

  8. Interview with Harold Brauner

    Interview with Harold (Hal) Brauner by Katherine Daniels on July 1, 2015. Hal Brauner served as Director of the Department of Land Conservation and Development.

  9. Interview with John Faust

    Interview with Jack Faust by Kevin Pozzi on August 19, 2015. Jack Faust, Vice Chairman of the Land Conservation and Development Commission from 1979 to 1983, was a lawyer at the firm Schwabe, Williamson, and...

  10. Interview with Margaret Collins

    Interview with Margaret Collins by Jim Sitzman on May 27, 2015. Maggie Collins was an original member of the Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee, which was established by Senate Bill 100 to advise the Oregon...