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Oregon State University Extension Service article on the ways in which land-use regulations in general and Oregon's land-use planning system in particular may affect property values (2007).
Summarizes results from an alternative futures analysis conducted in the Willamette River Basin in western Oregon. Alternative futures analysis provides a long-term, large-area perspective on the combined effects of multiple policies and regulations that affect the environment and natural resources...
Published by the Oregon Division of State Lands Wetlands Program. December 1998.
Final report from a national workshop in 2002 that emphasized large-scale conservation planning and the integration of biodiversity and land use planning. Prepared by Defenders of Wildlife. 2003.
Publication about the limits of Oregon's land use program in protecting fish and wildlife habitat in the Willamette Valley. Authored by Pam Wiley for the Defenders of Wildlife (2001).
This final report by the Institute of PSU Portland Metropolitan Studies documents the impact of Oregon's Ballot Measure 37 with selected case studies. Prepared by Sheila Martin and Katie Shriver in January 2006.