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  1. Ecological Homogenization of Urban USA

    A visually apparent but scientifically untested outcome of land-use change is homogenization across urban areas, where neighborhoods in different parts of the country have similar patterns of roads, residential...

  2. Assessing the Homogenization of Urban Land Management With an Application to US Residential Lawn Care

    Changes in land use, land cover, and land management present some of the greatest potential global environmental challenges of the 21st century. Urbanization, one of the principal drivers of these...

  3. Satisfaction, Water and Fertilizer Use in the American Residential Macrosystem

    Residential yards across theUSlook remarkably similar despite marked variation in climate and soil, yet the drivers of this homogenization are unknown. Telephone surveys of fertilizer and irrigation use and...

  4. Convergent Surface Water Distributions in U.S. Cities

    Earth's surface is rapidly urbanizing, resulting in dramatic changes in the abundance, distribution and character of surface water features in urban landscapes. However,the scope and consequences of surface...