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  1. Toward a Spatial-Temporal Measure of Land-Use Mix

    Urban planning and public-health research has long been interested in the connection between land-use mix and travel. Interest from urban planners stems from the potential of transportation efficiency gains...

  2. Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation : Vol. 26, No. 1, p. 179-258 : “Preserving Forest Lands for Forest Uses”—...

    80 pages

  3. Co-Evolution of Transportation and Land Use: Modeling HIstorical Dependencies in Land Use and Decision-Making

    The interaction between land use and transportation has long been the central issue in urban and regional planning. Models of such interactions provide vital information to support many public policy decisions,...

  4. Final report on ... land use legislation


    Began with 2013.

  5. Research and Development of a Land Use Scenario Modeling Tool

    Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit (TPAU) developed a land use modeling tool called the “Land Use Scenario Developer in R” (LUSDR). LUSDR is a modeling...

  6. An Activity-Related Land Use Mix Construct and its Connection to Pedestrian Travel

    Integrating a diverse set of land use types within a neighborhood is a central tenet of smart growth policy. Over a generation of urban planning research has heralded the transportation, land use, and public...

  7. An Oral History of the Visions and Intentions Behind Oregon's Land Conservation and Development Act:Senate Bill 100

    Examining committee: Michael Hibbard, chair, Wes Kvarsten, Mitch Rohse

  8. Continuous Data Integration for Land Use and Transportation Planning and Modeling

    There is an urgent need for improved models that address the interdependencies between land use and transportation, and considerable new work is underway to develop such models in Oregon and elsewhere. These...

  9. Land use change on non-federal land in Oregon 1974-2005


    "August 2009."

  10. Regional Transportation and Land Use Decision Making in Metropolitan Regions: Findings from Four Case Studies

    Throughout the United States, metropolitan regions face increasingly complex issues related to transportation and land use. The diffuse nature of decision making creates a need to better coordinate land use and...