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  1. Looking Back at Planning Oregon

    An interview with Henry Richmond is the product of a new project called People and the Land: An Oral History of Oregon's Statewide Land Use Planning Program. Richmond explains the political and economic...

  2. Interview with Arnold Cogan

    Interview with Arnold Cogan by James (Jim) Sitzman on June 23, 2015. Arnold Cogan, of the community outreach firm Cogan, Owens, & Green, was Oregon's first Planning Coordinator under Governor Tom McCall, the...

  3. Interview with Margaret Collins

    Interview with Margaret Collins by Jim Sitzman on May 27, 2015. Maggie Collins was an original member of the Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee, which was established by Senate Bill 100 to advise the Oregon...

  4. Interview with Henry Richmond

    Interview with Henry Richmond by Jim Sitzman on June 1, 2015. Henry Richmond co-founded 1000 Friends of Oregon in 1974 and served as the group's first executive director for over 19 years.

  5. Interview with James Sitzman

    Interview with James Sitzman by Kevin Pozzi on August 27, 2015. Jim Sitzman worked with Metro and its predecessor, the Columbia Region Association of Governments (CRAG), where he assisted in drawing the first...

  6. Interview with Ronald and Jane Cease

    Interview with Ronald and Jane Cease by James (Jim) Sitzman on June 18, 2015. Ron Cease was invited to teach at Portland State University in 1966, where he founded the university's Public Administration program...