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  1. Interview with Stephen Kafoury

    Interview with Stephen Kafoury by Dillon Mahmoudi on May 29, 2015. Stephen Kafoury was an Oregon State Representative and served as the Chair of the Joint Committee on Land Use during the adoption of the...

  2. Interview with James Ross

    Interview with Jim Ross by Jim Knight on June 15, 2015. Jim Ross worked in land use planning in Marion County and served as the director of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.

  3. Interview with William Blosser

    Interview with William Blosser by Anthony Lavenda on June 16, 2015. Bill Blosser's roles in connection with Oregon's land use planning system include chairing the Land Conservation and Development Commission,...

  4. Interview with Burton Weast

    Interview with Burton Weast by Bob Rindy on August 18, 2015. Burton Weast was planner for Curry County in 1970. He worked as a senior lobbyist on land use issues for the League of Oregon Cities, a...

  5. Interview with Janet McLennan

    Interview with Janet McLennan by Kevin Pozzi on June 11, 2015. Janet McLennan was House Counsel for the Oregon House Committee on Land Use and the Environment during the 1973 legislative session, during the...

  6. Interview with Lee Miller

    Interview with Lee Miller by Kevin Pozzi on August 12, 2015. Lee Miller's career in land use includes positions as Director of the Lane County Planning Department and as Chair of the Oregon Planning Director's...

  7. Interview with Russell Beaton

    Interview with Russell Beaton by Jim Knight on June 18, 2015. Russ Beaton was Professor of Economics at Willamette University in Salem. He participated in drafting the widely acclaimed 1973 Oregon legislation...

  8. Looking Back at Planning Oregon

    An interview with Henry Richmond is the product of a new project called People and the Land: An Oral History of Oregon's Statewide Land Use Planning Program. Richmond explains the political and economic...

  9. Interview with Allen Johnson

    Allen (Al) Johnson was interviewed by Sy Adler on June 2, 2017.

  10. Interview with James B. (Jim) Knight

    James Knight was interviewed on April 24, 2017, by Michael Rupp.