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  1. The Effects of Commuter Rail on Population Deconcentration and Commuting: A Salt Lake City Case Study

    All transportation systems have the ability to transform human settlement patterns, which can affect a range of social, economic and environmental issues. Considering investments in rail infrastructure have...

  2. Realistic or Utopian? Coordinating Transit and Land Use to Achieve Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

    Equitable transit-oriented development (E-TOD)—the prioritization of social equity as an outcome of TOD implementation—has become a U.S. DOT policy stance, an objective of many other government bodies, and...

  3. Understanding Where We Live and How We Travel

    Understanding changing residential preferences—especially as they are represented within land use and travel demand models—is fundamental to understanding the drivers of future housing, land use and...

  4. Assessing Travel Plans for Residential Developments

    A ‘travel plan’ is a travel demand management strategy that contains a package of site-specific measures designed to manage car use and encourage the use of more sustainable transport modes. Much of the...

  5. Planning Transportation for Recreational Areas

    Population growth and increased accessibility of formerly remote destinations have created new needs for planning mobility to and within recreational areas.

  6. Retail Rent with Respect to Distance from Light Rail Transit Stations in Dallas and Denver

    A growing body of recent research is challenging the assumptions underlying the half-mile-circle in planning for development around transit stations. In this article we review this literature and extend it to...

  7. Webinar: The Association Between Light Rail Transit, Streetcars and Bus Rapid Transit on Jobs, People and Rents

    What are the job, residential development and market rent outcomes of Light Rail Transit (LRT), Streetcar Transit (SCT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)?

  8. Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Surrounding Residential Property Values

    As bus rapid transit (BRT) grows in popularity in the United States, a better understanding of the mode’s impacts on land uses and property values is needed. Economic theory suggests, and literature has...

  9. Trip and Parking Generation at Transit-Oriented Developments

    The decision of how best to allocate land around transit stations is a debated topic, with transit officials often opting for park-and-ride lots over active uses such as multifamily housing, office, and retail...