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  1. Toward a Spatial-Temporal Measure of Land-Use Mix

    Urban planning and public-health research has long been interested in the connection between land-use mix and travel. Interest from urban planners stems from the potential of transportation efficiency gains...

  2. Research and Development of a Land Use Scenario Modeling Tool

    Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit (TPAU) developed a land use modeling tool called the “Land Use Scenario Developer in R” (LUSDR). LUSDR is a modeling...

  3. Continuous Data Integration for Land Use and Transportation Planning and Modeling

    There is an urgent need for improved models that address the interdependencies between land use and transportation, and considerable new work is underway to develop such models in Oregon and elsewhere. These...

  4. Regional Transportation and Land Use Decision Making in Metropolitan Regions: Findings from Four Case Studies

    Throughout the United States, metropolitan regions face increasingly complex issues related to transportation and land use. The diffuse nature of decision making creates a need to better coordinate land use and...

  5. Webinar: Land Use Mix and Pedestrian Travel Behavior: Advancements in Conceptualization and Measurement

    Smart growth policies have often emphasized the importance of land use mix as an intervention beholding of lasting urban planning and public health benefits. Past transportation-land use research has identified...

  6. Regional Transportation and Land Use Decision Making in Metropolitan Regions

    38 pages

  7. An Activity-related Land Use Mix Construct and Its Connection to Pedestrian Travel

    Land use mix is a central smart growth principle connected to active transportation. This presentation describes the indicators of local land use mixing and their association with pedestrian travel in...

  8. Following the Money from Investments to Outcomes

    While it’s accepted that mixed-use development promotes active travel, researchers don’t have a consensus on exactly how land use determines people’s travel patterns.

  9. Contextual Influences on Trip Generation

    There is national interest in building data that expands upon the existing Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) trip generation rates to include sites located in a multi-modal context. Current ITE rates...

  10. No More Freeways: Urban Land Use-Transportation Dynamics without Freeway Capacity Expansion

    Observations of the various limitations of freeway capacity expansion have led to a provocative planning and policy question – What if we completely stop building additional freeway capacity. From a...