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  1. Interview with Bruce Bartow

    Interview with Bruce Bartow by Michael Rupp on October 11, 2016. Bruce Bartow served as Planning Director for Josephine County, Oregon, from 1977 to 2005.

  2. Interview with James B. (Jim) Knight

    James Knight was interviewed on April 24, 2017, by Michael Rupp.

  3. Interview with Lloyd Chapman

    Lloyd Chapman was interviewed on July 31, 2017, by Michael Rupp and Jim Knight.

  4. Interview with Gordon Fultz

    Gordon Fultz was interviewed on April 26, 2017, by Michael Rupp and Jim Knight. Fultz is the Legislative Coordinator for the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC).

  5. Interview with Keith Cubic

    Interview with Keith Cubic by Michael Rupp on March 8, 2016. Keith Cubic has served as the Planning Director for Douglas County, Oregon, since 1978.

  6. Interview with Rick Bastasch

    Rick Bastasch was interviewed by Michael Rupp and Jim Knight on May 10, 2017.

  7. Interview with Ward Armstrong

    Interview with Ward Armstrong by Michael Rupp on May 18, 2015. Ward Armstrong was a lobbyist and public policy specialist who worked as Director of the Association of Oregon Counties in Salem in the early 1960s...