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  1. A Road Map for Accessible, Affordable and Adaptable Broadband Telecommunications in Portland

    Portland needs to plan for broadband development and take steps to ensure these plans are implemented. In order to implement Portland's land use and economic development goals, broadband must be accessible to...

  2. Planning Implications of Globalization in Portland, Oregon

    It is the purpose of this paper to shed a little light on information that has been gathered on the trends of globalization; to examine those trends as they are occurring within the region within the context of...

  3. West Portland Town Center: Developing Partnerships for Planning and Implementation

    Metro, the regional planning organization for Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties, designated the area in Southwest Portland known as West Portland as a Town Center in its Region 2040 Preferred Growth...

  4. Boise Neighborhood Gateway Project

    This project is a plan to transform an under-utilized parcel of public land into a community asset. Through the analysis of construction, funding, site constraints, maintenance and stewardship options, the...

  5. Wildlife Crossings: Rethinking Road Design to Improve Safety and Reconnect Habitat

    This guidebook provides Portland-area planners with relevant information about wildlife crossings in an urban context. While information on wildlife crossings and their effectiveness has been available for a...