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  1. State of Oregon, Department of Environmental Quality Rulemaking Proposal and Rulemaking Statements - Revisions to underground...


    This document contains the following information, mostly regarding a proposed rule change about Underground Injection Control: description of the fiscal and economic impact of the proposed rule, assurance that...

  2. Geothermal Power Development in Hawaii. Volume I. Review and Analysis


    The history of geothermal exploration in Hawaii is reviewed briefly. The nature and occurrences of geothermal resources are presented island by island. An overview of geothermal markets is presented. Other...

  3. Geothermal Power Development in Hawaii. Volume II. Infrastructure and Community-Services Requirements, Island of Hawaii


    The requirements of infrastructure and community services necessary to accommodate the development of geothermal energy on the Island of Hawaii for electricity production are identified. The following aspects...

  4. Potential Growth of Electric Power Production from Imperial Valley Geothermal Resources


    The growth of geothermal electric power operations in Imperial Valley, California is projected over the next 40 years. With commercial power forecast to become available in the 1980's, the scenario considers...

  5. Geothermal Policy Project. Quarterly Report, August 1-October 31, 1979


    The NCSL geothermal policy project continued with initiating geothermal studies in new project states and furthering policy development in existing states. Activities of the project staff are reviewed (MHR)

  6. 1981 Comprehensive Plan of the City of Walla Walla, WA


    The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide the City of Walla Walla with an official public document which encourages orderly development of residential, commercial, industrial, and public properties...

  7. Skamania County Comprehensive Plan A


    This Plan includes that portion of the County south of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest boundary, and the upper Wind River Valley and the upper Little White Salmon River Valley within the National Forest....

  8. Draft upper Klamath River management plan environmental impact statement and resource management plan amendments. Volume 3 -...


    "BLM/OR/WA/PL-02/038+1792"--P. [2] of cover ; This volume contains detailed maps of Upper Klamath River segments and features cited in Volume 1 and Volume 2.

  9. Draft upper Klamath River management plan environmental impact statement and resource management plan amendments. Volume 1 -...


    "BLM/OR/WA/PL-02/038+1792"--P. [2] of cover ; Includes ill. and maps ; "This Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) refers specifically to a planning area on the upper Klamath River. The upper portion of...

  10. Traditional land use as starting point: opening cross-cultural dialogue at Crater Lake and Lava Beds


    ill.; Cultural Resources Management (CRM); some issues Cultural Resource Management (CRM)