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  1. Land use and land-use change in the Rocky Mountain west

    Private land-use decisions can have important effects on private and public welfare. Market-based policies to regulate land use have the potential to move the privately-optimal allocation of land closer to...

  2. Essays on land use regulation

    This dissertation consists of three papers on land use economics and regulation. The first paper focuses on the environmental impacts of land use and their implications for the design on water quality trading...

  3. Economic-based projections of future land use in the conterminous United States under alternative policy scenarios

    This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by the Ecological Society of America and can be found at: To the best of our knowledge, one...

  4. Supplemental comments to Oregon Task Force on Land Use Planning

  5. A spatially explicit method for determining the effects of watershed scale land use on stream conditions

    The primary goal of this research was to identify the impacts that individual

  6. Land-use problems of the Miami River drainage Tillamook County, Oregon

  7. How have land-use regulations affected property values in Oregon?

    This study examines the ways in which land-use regulations in general and Oregon’s

  8. Land use planning

  9. Land use planning in Clatsop County, Oregon

  10. Land use planning in Lincoln County, Oregon