Mid-Coast Water

Mid-Coast Water

Source: Aerial view of Siletz River by Alan Fujishin

Developing regional solutions from Cascade Head to Cape Perpetua to provide adequate water supplies for water systems and local industry, while providing adequate flows and water quality for fish, wildlife, and our environment.

An inclusive community forum that examines water use in the region, identifies water challenges, and proactively balances water needs.

Access data, make maps and create a water planning report for an area of interest.  Water quantity, quality, use, infrastructure, and hazards are featured sections. See video tutorial here.

The MCWPP has worked together since 2016 to create the Oregon Mid-Coast Water Action Plan. This integrated water resources plan was approved by the partners in November 2021.

Articles & Stories

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Maps and Tools

The Mid-Coast Water Report aggregates water data for a selected area of interest. The report... more

Data Collections

This Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) data portal provides public read-only access... more