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  1. A, Chahta sia: Reevaluating the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

    31 pages

  2. Native American representation in museums : a cross cultural comparison of the effects of cultural resources laws

    The image of Native Americans in the United States has changed through

  3. Field sensitivity of Native American students at Oregon State University, as determined by the group embedded figures test

    Historically, Native American students have not

  4. Educating Native America: Breaking Down Barriers for Native Americans in Education

    7 pages

  5. The potential use of GIS as a tool for communicating risk information to American Indian tribes: a consideration of the...

    American Indians presently face health risks posed by exposure to environmental pollutants through different exposure routes including: inhalation (e.g., air particles), ingestion (e.g., fish, water), and...

  6. Traditional Native American Healing in Modern Medicine

    Due to proprietary issues, only the abstract is available. Please contact for additional information.

  7. Native American Longhouse (NAL) Album, 2011-2012


    Events and activities depicted: Cooking; Native American Heritage Month 2011 program of events; Native American Heritage Month Kick-Off; Benny the Beaver with NAL staff representing N7; Trip to the coast;...

  8. Native American Longhouse (NAL) Album, 1989


    Events and activities depicted: Spring and Winter Pow Wows including dancing, the sale of jewelry and accessories, and making fry bread. Also included is a ceremony for the dedication of a small plaque honoring...

  9. The Native American Community in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile

    This report is the result of three years of work of true partnership between the Native American community, the Coalition of Communities of Color and Portland State University. The Portland Indian Leaders’...

  10. Well-Intentioned but Ineffective: A Legislative History of the California Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation...

    72 pages