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A draft of the 2020 Natural Areas Plan has been completed, and is out for review. Also available is a spreadsheet of Natural Areas names, status, and acreage. Please send comments to Jimmy Kagan at An updated Oregon's Natural Areas 2020 geodatabase contains a spatial layer of sites.
The 2010 Oregon Natural Areas Plan was adopted by the State Land Board on December 14, 2010. This was Oregon’s first Natural Areas Plan, although it serves as an update to the “Oregon Natural Heritage Plan” which has been updated every 5 years, from 1988 – 2003. In the 2009 Legislative session,...
The 2015 Oregon Natural Areas Plan lists the rare species, ecosystems, and geological features present in Oregon and where they are represented by protected lands. The 2015 Oregon Natural Areas Plan was adopted by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department in January, 2016. In preparation for the...