Oak Creek Watershed Network

Oak Creek Watershed Network

Source: Photo by Janine Salwasser

Oak Creek descends nearly 2000 feet from its timbered headwaters through residential, farm and conservation lands, into the urban reach in Corvallis and its confluence with the Marys River. The Network exists to care for this special place where we live, work and play.

The Oak Creek Watershed Network is a group of stakeholders convened by the Marys River Watershed Council through grant funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.  This group has been meeting since October of 2019 with the goal to steward and enhance the Oak Creek watershed.  Learn more here about these efforts by and for those who live, work and recreate in this iconic watershed, and how you can be involved.

Oak Creek is unique in the Marys River watershed with a diversity of land uses, landowners and other engaged stakeholders. Oregon State University owns 41% of the watershed where it serves as a backyard learning laboratory.  A network of conserved lands and Corvallis parks and natural areas connected with these OSU lands provides important habitat connectivity and miles of recreational trails. Here you can access current maps, stories and data that characterize the watershed today.

The Oak Creek Watershed is located within the ancestral homelands of the Marys River Band of Kalapuya or the Ampinefu as they were known to themselves. In 1855 these people signed the Willamette Valley Treaty of 1855. Delve into more of Oak Creek's history and past research with the resources here.

Articles & Stories

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Maps and Tools

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Data Collections

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About This Topic

Development of the Oak Creek Watershed Network site resulted from a collaboration among:

OSU Libraries and Press: OSU Libraries and Press engages with the OSU community and the people of Oregon in their pursuit of knowledge. The OSULP partnership with the Institute for Natural Resources supports delivery of information and services related to the protection and management of Oregon's vitally important natural resources through the Oregon Explorer natural resources digital library.

Institute for Natural Resources: The Institute for Natural Resources provides Oregonians with ready access to current, relevant science-based information, methods, and tools for better understanding natural resource management challenges and developing solutions. INR co-manages the Oregon Explorer with OSULP.

Marys River Watershed Council: The mission of the Marys River Watershed Council is to inspire and support voluntary stewardship of the Marys River watershed.

And all the people who participated in the Oak Creek Stakeholder Engagement Collaboration from 2019-2021.

The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) supported a grant to the Marys River Watershed Council to identify strategies to develop and advance stewardship goals leading toward restoration in the Oak Creek watershed. In the Fall of 2019, five working groups were created to identify initial strategies to advance land use and policy, community engagement, watershed management, and strategic coordination. This Oak Creek Watershed Network site was an outcome of this collaboration and was launched in June 2021.