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  1. Date of planting as a factor in the growth, development, and yield of snap beans

    In previous years, at Corvallis, yields of bush snap beans

  2. Hand-book of tree-planting; or, Why to plant, where to plant, what to plant, how to plant

    Gerald W. Williams Collection

  3. Seasonal response of bitterbrush to burning and clipping in eastern Oregon

    Bitterbrush [Purshia tridentata (Pursh) DC] plants were burned or

  4. The effects of planting date, nitrogen and boron application on mineral element concentration, yield, dry weight and fresh...

    The effects of planting date on mineral element

  5. Effects of sulfur on yield and plant sulfur of subterranean clover

    Subterranean clover was grown in nutrient solution and S

  6. Whole-Plant Growth Stage Ontology for Angiosperms and Its Application in Plant Biology

    This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by the American Society of Plant Biologists and can be found at:

  7. Field guide to the forested plant associations of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

    A classification of forest vegetation is presented for the Mt. Baker-snoqualmie Forest. It is based on the potential National vegetation and uses the plant association as the basic unit. The classification is...

  8. High population planting-patterns for maximum yield in field corn

    The influence of planting patterns and plant spacings on grain

  9. Effect of date of renovation on yield components of strawberries

    Two experiments were conducted from 1987 to 1990 to study

  10. Effect of soil temperature, seeding date, and straw mulch on plant development and grain yield of two winter wheat and two...

    Two winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell) and two