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  1. 2017 volunteer fire assistance grant manual


    Title from PDF cover (viewed on March 27, 2017).

  2. Informing Oregon's Marine Protected Area (MPA) Baseline: Past and Present Tribal Uses of Marine Resources

    Native American tribes with ancestral land adjacent to the coast have gathered, hunted, and fished marine resources for millennia. In 2012, the state of Oregon designated five marine sites as reserves in which...

  3. Would You Like Fires with That? Using Stakeholder-Derived Forest Management Preference Maps to Model Landscape-level Fuel...

    Management of public lands in the U.S. aims to achieve multiple goals relating to ecological function, wildlife habitat, support of local economies, and recreation; and in fire-prone landscapes these goals are...

  4. Effects of In Situ Phosphorus Enrichment on the Benthos in a Subalpine Karst Stream and Implications for Bioassessment in...

    Park managers in nature reserves need scientifically defensible and operationally feasible ecological indicators to better manage protected areas for both nature conservation and tourism. Such needs are much...

  5. Predator Conservation and Trophic Ecology

    Many of Earth’s terrestrial large carnivore species are threatened with extinction. As a result, some of the ecological effects associated with these species may be lost. With the goal of furthering large...

  6. Iconic places of the US Forest Service : conditions and concerns

    2 pages

  7. Iconic places of the US Forest Service : conditions and concerns

    2 pages

  8. Wildfire Mitigation Compliance Through Senate Bill 360 : A Content Analysis of Oregon County Documents

    104 pages

  9. When Can You Shoot the Messenger? Understanding the Legal Protections for Entities Providing Information on Business Products...

    64 pages

  10. Sea-Level Rise Induced Amplification of Coastal Protection Design Heights

    Coastal protection design heights typically consider the superimposed effects of tides, surges, waves, and relative sea-level rise (SLR), neglecting non-linear feedbacks between these forcing factors. Here, we...