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  1. Protected Areas for Conflict Resolution and Management of Recreational and Commercial Fisheries

    This paper investigates interactions between recreational and commercial fisheries. It introduces the idea of a protected area for recreational fisheries, as a way to reduce conflicts between the two sectors...

  2. A Proposed Framework for Identifying and Evaluating Ecosystem Service Tradeoffs for Marine Protected Area Planning

    Existing research on the effectiveness of marine protected areas narrowly focuses on developing sets of management

  3. Efficiency of Fishing Vessels Affected by a Marine Protected Area - The Case of Small-Scale Trawlers and Marine Protected...

    Abstract only.

  4. Marine Protected Areas as a Risk Management Tool

    Abstract only.

  5. Marine Protected Area and Its Socio-economic Impacts on the Coastal Communities of Seribu Island, Indonesia

    Over fishing is one of the obstacles faced in managing sustainable fishery resources. Even though various management instruments to control fishery resources have been in place, most of the time these...

  6. Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of Marine Protected Areas on Local Fishing Communities. Two West-African Case Studies

    Abstract only.

  7. Artisanal Fisheries in Palamós - Economic indicators - Marine Protected Areas

    Abstract only.

  8. Marine Protected Areas and Fishers' Involvement: the Case of the Iroise Sea, Western Brittany, France

    Research Paper

  9. Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study in Northerneastern Iloilo, Philippines

    Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) can be considered as one of powerful conservation tools of fishery resource management in the literature. However, due to continuing environmental awareness and mismanagement, the...

  10. Coastal Marine Protected Areas in Japan and their Institutional Characteristics

    A survey was conducted to create a comprehensive list of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Japan. There