Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Source: Lake County photo by Rob Del Mar, March 2018.

Increased renewable energy development in Oregon is anticipated in the coming decades, particularly solar energy, wind energy, and associated transmission line development

Informing and supporting proactive coordination for new or expanded renewable energy with developers, utilities, military, agencies, local government, planners, policymakers, and other stakeholders in Oregon.

Oregon has committed to 100% emissions free electricity by 2040 (HB 2021). Learn more about energy history, policies, and emerging trends. Read the latest Oregon Biennial Energy Report here.

Explore data and create a site report to get a general perspective of potential considerations onshore and offshore. Initiate notification to the military if a site intersects any military assets.

Learn about renewable energy coordination needs and the permitting considerations involved in setting up a new operation. Access the ORESA procedures report here

Articles & Stories

Article from the National Research Energy Lab (NREL) that addresses several questions based on...
The Department of Defense (DoD) REPI program helps protect working lands and open spaces to buffer...
Trifold brochure that describes Oregon's military presence and compatibility initiatives. 2 pp.
The State of Oregon and the U.S. Military are committed to working with local, regional, and state...
Oregon Department of Energy blog post about transmission in Oregon and the region. Selected excerpt...

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"The DoD's Mission Compatibility Evaluation (MCE) process provides a timely, transparent, and... more

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Development of the Oregon Renewable Energy Explorer has been a collaboration among:

OSU Libraries and Press: OSU Libraries and Press engages with the OSU community and the people of Oregon in their pursuit of knowledge. The OSULP partnership with the Institute for Natural Resources supports delivery of information and services related to the protection and management of Oregon's vitally important natural resources through the Oregon Explorer natural resources digital library.

Institute for Natural Resources: The Institute for Natural Resources provides Oregonians with ready access to current, relevant science-based information, methods, and tools for better understanding natural resource management challenges and developing solutions. INR co-manages the Oregon Explorer with OSULP.

Oregon Department of Energy: The Oregon Department of Energy helps Oregonians make informed decisions and maintain a resilient and affordable energy system. Solutions are advanced to shape an equitable clean energy transition, protect the environment and public health, and responsibly balance energ​y needs and impacts for current and future generations.

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development: The Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development supports the creation and implementation of comprehensive plans that reflect and balance the statewide planning goals, the vision of citizens, and the interests of local, state, federal and tribal governments.
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island: the premier naval aviation installation in the Pacific Northwest and home of all U.S. Navy tactical electronic attack squadrons flying the EA-18G Growler. Adding to the depth and capability of the air station are eight Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance squadrons flying the P-3 Orion, P-8 Poseidon and EP-3E Aries.
Oregon Military Department: The Oregon Military Department provides the State of Oregon and the United States with a ready force of citizen soldiers, airmen, and civilians, trained and equipped to respond to any contingency, natural or man-made.
Funding for Phase 1 was provided by the Oregon Renewable Energy Siting Assessment (ORESA) project and a $1.1 million U.S. Department of Defense Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation​ grant awarded to the Oregon Department of Energy, working with the Department of Land Conservation & Development, OSU's Institute for Natural Resources, OSU Libraries and Press, Oregon Military Department, and Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. The Renewable Energy site on the Oregon Explorer was launched in June 2022.