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  1. ODFW Wildlife Linkages Datasets

    Abstract -- Two GIS datasets are contained in this record:

  2. Investigations on the toxin of Taricha granulosa

    There are essentially no publications dealing with the skin toxin

  3. A survey of the vertebrate animals of Mount Jefferson, Oregon

    The Mount Jefferson Primitive Area is one of three High Cascade wilderness areas in Oregon. It is second in size among these, covers approximately 136 square miles, and with the addition of a large roadless...

  4. Summary of information on aquatic biota and their habitats in the Willamette Basin, Oregon, through 1995

    This report reviews and summarizes available information on aquatic biological communities in the Willamette Basin through 1995. Specifically, the report describes (1) the distribution, abndance, and trends of...

  5. Partial Characterization of the Danio rerio and Xenopus tropicalis MT-­‐Ox Enzyme Involved in Gadusol Biosynthesis

    Ultraviolet (UV)-protective compounds, such as mycosporine-like amino acids (MAA) are critical for the survival of marine organisms exposed to high-solar radiation. A chemically similar compound, gadusol, was...

  6. Resources basic inventory for Crater Lake National Park


    ill, maps ; Report title; Bibliography: p. 68-73

  7. Forest and wildlife habitat analysis using remote sensing and geographic information systems

    Forest and wildlife habitat analyses were conducted

  8. Ecological implications of trout introductions to lakes of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, Idaho

    The widespread introduction of trout to naturally fishless mountain lakes in the western United States has been accompanied by little research. The ecological role of trout populations occurring in 91 lakes of...


    72 pages

  10. Small-mammal herpetofauna abundance in riparian and upslope areas of five forest conditions

    I compared species composition and relative abundance of'small