Ecological restoration processes recover ecosystems disturbed by human or other kinds of disturbances.

Articles & Stories

"Money in a Streambank" tells the story of a regulation-driven ecosystem services project.
This multiimedia story focuses on the Whychus Creek restoration project within the Deschutes Basin...
The Deschutes Basin Bibliography was created to provide a resource for scholarly research to be...
The Crooked River at U.S. Hwy 97 (Oregon State Archives) The Crooked River is a tributary of the...
The Deschutes Basin is the second largest watershed in Oregon, covering more than 10,000 square...

Maps and Tools

Identify mapped wetlands, water bodies, rare wetland types, and federally-listed species that... more

Data Collections

The Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI) Database and GIS data is available in the... more