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  1. Clatsop County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2011-06-30)

    40 pp. Adopted 2011-06-30. Department of Land Conservation and Development Notice of Adopted Amendment

  2. Klamath County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2011-09-01)

    10 pp. Adopted 2011-09-01. Department of Land Conservation and Development Notice of Adopted Amendment

  3. Assessing community capacity in Rural America: some lessons from two rural observatories

    Building community capacity is a central concern of both policymakers and community residents. Both want to understand why some communities are more successful in achieving positive social, economic and...

  4. Providing Capacity in Rural Communities: Planning for Alternative Transportation

    This technology transfer proposal linked service learning with rural multimodal transportation planning through a collaborative partnership between University of Oregon (UO) experiential learning programs and...

  5. Rural community college fundraising : a multi-site case study exploring the characteristics and motivations of alumni...

    Fundraising in the 21st century is becoming an increasingly important component of rural community colleges' (RCCs) overall funding strategies. Alumni represent a significant population of potential college...

  6. Evaluating the Reach, Effectiveness, and Adoption of an Extension Family & Community

    Rural communities face many factors that may contribute to an obesogenic

  7. The Conservation Reserve Program : its impact on the economies of rural communities

    The purpose of this thesis is to present the results of a study

  8. Origin, incidence, and survival of Salmonella in a rural watershed

    A rural watershed containing a protected forest area in the north

  9. The business and employment effects of the National Fire Plan in Oregon and Washington in 2001

    38 p.

  10. Rural Studies Program Annual Report 2006-2007