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  1. Jobs, Natural Amenities, Distance, Population, or Services: What Drives Age-

    Declining population is a major concern for rural communities. In many places, out-migration has led to a loss of key services. This essay investigates the role of services, as well as labor markets, natural...

  2. Board Feet to Board heads: Natural Amenity-led Development in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

    Examining committee: Michael Hibbard, chair

  3. Inshopping in rural communities : consumers' and retailers' perceptions

    The ever changing nature of the retail industry, and the additional challenges of doing business in a rural area, mean that retailers in rural communities face a unique situation that makes them especially...

  4. Long term trends in contracting and the impact of the National Fire Plan in Northern California

    31 p.

  5. Rural community quotas - intentions and impacts

    In many fisheries, the harvesting pattern shows considerable intra-year variation. These fluctuations give

  6. Conservation and community development in Nepal : case study of a non-government organization

    The internship I performed was with Rural Community Development Program (RCDP), a domestic non-governmental organization in the country of Nepal. This organization focuses on community development goals in...

  7. Peer Interaction in Rural Preschool Classrooms: Contributions of Children's Learning-Related Behaviors, Language and Literacy...

    Peer interaction contributes strongly to children’s development and learning, but the processes by which peer interaction is shaped in preschool classrooms, particularly classrooms in rural communities, are...

  8. Rural America The Rise of New Natural Resource Economies in the Intermountain West

    56 pages

  9. A profile of community-based organizations in the U.S. West

    2 pages

  10. Cultured Marine Forest as a Key Concept for Responsible Fisheries

    Research Paper