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  1. Generating rural options for Weight: Healthy Kids and Communities: examining the rural family home nutrition and physical...

    Childhood health is a strong determinant of adult health, including overweight and obesity. Rural children and adults experience a greater obesity prevalence compared to children and adults living in more...

  2. Rural Interprofessional Health Care Education: A Study of Student Perspectives

    As the cost for health care delivery increases, so does the demand for access to care. However, individuals in a rural community often do not have access to the care they need. Shortages of rural health care...

  3. Coming of age in rural America : sense of purpose, coping, and perceived progress toward adulthood

    Individuals in their 20s today have more diverse experiences with school, work, and family transitions than previous cohorts. Contemporary young adults take longer to finish school, settle into marriages or...

  4. Barriers to Community Involvement across Rural and Urban Communities

    Many communities emphasize participatory involvement in local development or

  5. Going somewhere or getting stuck : transitions to adulthood in rural Oregon

    This dissertation explores the real world problem of rural youth out-migration and finds that the central problem is one of persistent class difference in this rural Oregon town. The research that informs this...

  6. Historic Preservation in Deep Rural Places: A Historic Resources Study of Petroleum County, Montana

    260 p. A terminal project presented to the Historic Preservation Program of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.

  7. Making ends meet : hunger survival strategies in two rural Oregon communities

    Food insecurity and hunger have become persistent problems resulting from an increase in impoverished segments of populations worldwide. For those not affected, the problem seems unnoticeable – it is...

  8. Strengthening Rural Latinos’ Civic Engagement for Health: The Voceros de Salud Project

    This is an author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by The Johns Hopkins University Press and can be found at:...

  9. Sectoral output multipliers for rural counties : lessons from Oregon's input-output studies

    Published February 1984. Facts and recommendations in this publication may no longer be valid. Please look for up-to-date information in the OSU Extension Catalog:

  10. A Collaborative Partnership in Rural Preservation Planning: An evaluation of effectiveness and impact of RARE-Main Street...

    Examining committee: Shannon Sardell, chair, Lauren Allsopp, and Gerardo Sandoval