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  1. Peer Interaction in Rural Preschool Classrooms: Contributions of Children's Learning-Related Behaviors, Language and Literacy...

    Peer interaction contributes strongly to children’s development and learning, but the processes by which peer interaction is shaped in preschool classrooms, particularly classrooms in rural communities, are...

  2. Rural America The Rise of New Natural Resource Economies in the Intermountain West

    56 pages

  3. A profile of community-based organizations in the U.S. West

    2 pages

  4. Rural Interprofessional Health Care Education: A Study of Student Perspectives

    As the cost for health care delivery increases, so does the demand for access to care. However, individuals in a rural community often do not have access to the care they need. Shortages of rural health care...

  5. Community-based organizations in the U.S. West : status, structure, and activities

    16 pages

  6. Quick guide : assessing, planning, and monitoring to increase local economic opportunities from restoration

    16 pages

  7. Rural geography -- rural development : an examination of agriculture, policy and planning, and community in rural areas

    6 pages

  8. Roots in the Earth and a Flag in my Hand: Rural Gender Identity in American Musical Theatre

    The integrated musical is a vehicle for the creation and communication of a national identity, created through the use of coded performances of gender and, at times, rural settings conceptualized as essentially...

  9. Local benefits from land management : a strategy for measuring performance

    3 pages

  10. Economic development service provision for natural resource-based economic development

    2 pages