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  1. Rural Community Explorer portal (phase 1) final report

    The Rural Communities Explorer allows community residents and officials, agencies and businesses, universities and philanthropic organizations to access county and community specific information. The specific...

  2. The Old Swede's Boarding House

    One of many community stories to be featured in the Rural Communities Explorer.

  3. Rural Studies Program Annual Report 2006-2007

  4. Coming of age in rural America : sense of purpose, coping, and perceived progress toward adulthood

    Individuals in their 20s today have more diverse experiences with school, work, and family transitions than previous cohorts. Contemporary young adults take longer to finish school, settle into marriages or...

  5. Going somewhere or getting stuck : transitions to adulthood in rural Oregon

    This dissertation explores the real world problem of rural youth out-migration and finds that the central problem is one of persistent class difference in this rural Oregon town. The research that informs this...

  6. Historic Preservation in Deep Rural Places: A Historic Resources Study of Petroleum County, Montana

    260 p. A terminal project presented to the Historic Preservation Program of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.

  7. Rural ceramic production, consumption, and exchange in late classic Oaxaca, Mexico : a view from Yaasuchi

    The Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico was home to one of the most intensively-studied

  8. A primer on rural community sustainability

    A product of the OSU Rural Studies Program prepared by Emery N. Castle.

  9. Complicating the Rural in Oregon's Water Policymaking

    The state of Oregon is divided in important ways along rural and urban lines, including the way people make a living, individual and group relationships with the natural world, political ideologies, and...

  10. Associations Between Family Nutrition and Physical Activity, Food Security, and Childhood Obesity in Rural Oregon

    Childhood obesity and food insecurity are public health issues that often coexist, and both conditions are more prevalent among rural compared to non-rural populations. Social ecological prevention efforts are...