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  1. Building economically resilient rural communities

    Rural communities will continue to be disproportionately shocked by

  2. Rural Community Explorer portal (phase 1) final report

    The Rural Communities Explorer allows community residents and officials, agencies and businesses, universities and philanthropic organizations to access county and community specific information. The specific...

  3. Examining Rural Resources and Readiness to Change the Context for Obesity Prevention

    GROW Healthy Kids & Communities aims to

  4. Nature and culture in two Pacific Northwest timber-dependent communities

    Timber-dependent, rural communities in the Pacific Northwest face

  5. UrbanL_research.pdf

  6. UrbanL_research.docx

  7. Rural community residents' views of nuclear waste siting in Nevada

  8. Exploring Community Resources and Readiness in Relation to Childhood Obesity Prevention in Rural Western America

    Childhood obesity is a nationwide concern of which rural, urban, and suburban communities must be aware in order to take action. The goal for the research project, GROW Healthy Kids and Communities (GROW HKC),...

  9. The Old Swede's Boarding House

    One of many community stories to be featured in the Rural Communities Explorer.

  10. The New Rural America: Demographic, Industry, and Land Use Shifts in the John Day Region

    This research looks at the demographics, industry, and land use shifts over the past decades in the John Day Region of Eastern Oregon in order to better understand the shifting rural community in the United...