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Salmon and Other Fish

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A report prepared for the 2003 Oregon Legislature on recommendations for improvements to existing incentive programs. Prepared by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Forestry. February 2003.
Publication about the limits of Oregon's land use program in protecting fish and wildlife habitat in the Willamette Valley. Authored by Pam Wiley for the Defenders of Wildlife (2001).
Oregon State University Extension Service archived publication on the "salmon crisis" from the headwaters to the sea. Includes background information on salmon in Oregon, articles examining human activities and natural forces that affect salmon, and articles on restoration efforts and where to get...
This report of the status and recommended restoration actions for native fish in the Upper Deschutes basin is intended for citizen advocates. The goal is to provide a concise summary of current issues and problems for native salmonids in the Upper Deschutes and describe the actions needed to...