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  1. Relationships among phosphorus soil tests, forms of soil phosphorus, and plant uptake of phosphorus for selected southwestern...

    A diversity in climate, geologic parent material, and soil

  2. Availability of phosphorus in central Oregon soils in comparison with selected Oregon soils

    The objectives of this study were to evaluate and compare the

  3. Genesis of some soils in the central western Cascades of Oregon

    Soils representative of several landscape units in the H. J.

  4. Soils of the Oregon coastal fog belt in relation to the proposed "Andisol" order

    A study was conducted to evaluate the properties of soils in

  5. Characteristics of compacted soils from Eastern Oregon

    Soil samples and soil clods were collected from ten potato fields

  6. Potassium release from several western Oregon soils and its relationship to crop growth and soil mineralogy

  7. Readily available manganese in some Oregon soils and its relation to certain other soil factors

  8. Manual for judging Oregon soils

    Published 1996. Reviewed August 2013. Please look for up-to-date information in the OSU Extension Catalog:

  9. Mineralogical and chemical characteristics of western Oregon Andic soils

    A study was conducted to determine the mineralogy and chemical

  10. Nature of interlayer material in silicate clays of selected Oregon soils

    A study was conducted to investigate the nature of hydroxy