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  1. Effects of petroleum mulch on soil water content and soil temperature

    Petroleum mulch applied on the soil surface over a row of

  2. Nitrification Responses of Soil Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria to Ammonium Concentrations

    This is an author's peer-reviewed final manuscript, as accepted by the publisher. The published article is copyrighted by the Soil Science Society of America in cooperation with the American Society of Agronomy...

  3. Suitability of selected enzyme assays as future soil quality indicators

    Deforestation, intensive agriculture and chemical use all can cause long-lastingn negative impacts on soil health. With all the vital functions that soils perform and the potential for further soil degradation,...

  4. Consolidation, compression, and shear strength of four western Oregon forest soils

    Forest soils with low bulk densities are often considered less

  5. Soil respiration flux in response to soil temperature, moisture, and pH

    Soil respiration has been identified as one of the largest natural sources of CO₂ to the global

  6. Chloride fertilizer and soil pH effects on nitrification rate and soil solution constituents

    Chloride containing fertilizers are used to reduce the severity of take-all root rot of wheat in western Oregon and appear to reduce nitrification in moderately acid soils. Objectives of this study were to...

  7. The potassium status of Eastern and Central Oregon soils

    The potassium status of selected soils from central and eastern Oregon, that have shown a wide range in response from potassium was investigated. The silt and clay minerals were identified using X-ray...

  8. Response of soil microbial communities to physical and chemical disturbances: implications for soil quality and land use...

    The objectives of this thesis were to evaluate the responses of soil microbial communities to physical and chemical disturbances, and associate these responses with soil functional stability and changes in soil...

  9. Applications of Soil Science in Forest Landscape Planning : Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century

    Soils and other resource programs in both public land management agencies and private industry are continually being adapted to the challenges of evolving knowledge and experience in the field of forestry. This...

  10. Interaction of ethofumesate with dry soil

    Previous studies have shown loss of ethofumesate activity when