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  1. Interaction of ethofumesate with dry soil

    Previous studies have shown loss of ethofumesate activity when

  2. Characterization of hydrologic parameters and processes in shrink-swell clay soils

    Vertisols and other vertic-intergrade soils are found all over the globe, including many agricultural and urban areas. These soils are characterized by their cyclical shrinking and swelling behaviors, where...

  3. Survival of Verticillium dahliae in soil

    Three Oregon soil types (Chehalis silt loam (CSL), an alluvial

  4. The relationship between cation exchange capacity, total bases, and exchange acidity in certain Oregon soils

    Two soils representative of the coast and three representing the Willamette Valley have been studied for their general chemical

  5. A Study of Soil Organic Matter and Its Controlling Factors in Portland, Oregon

    Traditionally, local above- and below-ground plant and microbial communities, temperature and precipitation, topography and texture and composition of parent material have been thought to govern the soil...

  6. Relationships among phosphorus soil tests, forms of soil phosphorus, and plant uptake of phosphorus for selected southwestern...

    A diversity in climate, geologic parent material, and soil

  7. An investigation of the influence of root reinforcements on soil strength and the initiation of static liquefaction in forest...

    A study was conducted to investigate the influence of root reinforcements on soil

  8. Effects of organic and inorganic soil amendments of phosphorus sorption

  9. Design of an automated system for imaging and

    Identification and population counts of soil mesofauna can be an

  10. State of weathering of some upland soils in the Alsea Basin, Oregon

    Mineralogical analysis of 3 upland soil profiles over Tyee parent