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  1. Correlation of phosphorus soil tests and forms of inorganic soil phosphorus with crop response and phosphorus uptake from...

  2. Distinguishing biological and physical controls on soil respiration

    Soil respiration, or the combined CO₂ emissions from roots and soil microorganisms, constitutes one of the largest losses of carbon (C) from terrestrial ecosystems. The major drivers of soil respiration,...

  3. Water and solute transport : modeling and application to water conservation in layered soil

    Sandy soils are among the least productive soils because of their inability to

  4. Effects of Initial Moisture and Surface Properties on Sorptivity of Coarse Soil and Sand

    Many different models and mechanisms of water imbibition into soil have been described in the literature. Theoretical equations based on those models exist to predict how water will flow in porous media. These...

  5. Liming requirement of selected Willamette Valley soils

    There are two major problems associated with soil acidity and

  6. Availability of phosphorus in central Oregon soils in comparison with selected Oregon soils

    The objectives of this study were to evaluate and compare the

  7. Soil Moisture Gradients and Controls on a Southern Appalachian Hillslope from Drought Through Recharge

    Soil moisture gradients along hillslopes in humid watersheds, although indicated by vegetation gradients and by studies using models, have been difficult to confirm empirically. While soil properties and...

  8. Soil organic matter regulates molybdenum storage and mobility in forests

    To the best of our knowledge, one or more authors of this paper were federal employees when contributing to this work. This is the publisher’s final pdf. The published article is copyrighted by Springer and...

  9. Predicting the spatial variability in soil properties using DSM across Malheur National Forest

    Soil properties may hold the key to improved predictions of soils during digital soil mapping (DSM), which has developed with a focus on environmental factors external to soil. The spatial variability in soil...

  10. Cover crops and biochemical functional diversity in relation to nitrogen availability in soil

    Nitrogen availability in agricultural soils from fertilizer, plant residue inputs, and soil organic matter has important implications beyond crop yield. Legume winter cover crops and one fourth the recommended...