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  1. Diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide through soil with temperature and water content effects on sink/source strength

    Gaseous diffusion equations which describe the diffusion of

  2. Findley Lake soil temperature and soil moisture data, August 1972 - August 1973

    Data on soil temperature at two locations and five depths, tensiometer readings, and soil moisture release curves for the soils of Findley Lake are presented in this report.

  3. Effects of winter cover crops following potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) on soil nitrate and soil fertility in the Columbia...

  4. Effects of forest soil compaction on gas diffusion, denitrification, nitrogen mineralization, and soil respiration

  5. Shear reinforcement effects of discrete columns in liquefiable soils

    Discrete columns, such as stone and soil-cement columns, are often used to improve the liquefaction resistance of loose sandy ground. In particular, stone columns are considered to increase resistance potential...

  6. Soil quality assessment of Willamette Valley soils and root colonization potential by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

    Interest in measuring soil quality continues to increase worldwide in view of demands on land productivity and the necessity to preserve soil resources, yet identification of suitable indicators for soil...

  7. Influence of site, soil, and inoculum density on dwarf bunt (Tilletia controversa Kühn) of winter wheat

    Field microplot studies conducted over two seasons

  8. Genesis of some soils in the central western Cascades of Oregon

    Soils representative of several landscape units in the H. J.

  9. Impact of soil water property parameterization on atmospheric boundary layer simulation

    Both the form of functional relationships applied for soil water properties and the natural field-scale variability of such properties can significantly impact simulation of the soil-plant-atmosphere system on...

  10. Fabrics in subdrains : mechanisms of filtration and the measurement of permeability

    The roles of fabrics in subdrains are identified for normal