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  1. A soil property model for evaluating pesticide movement potential

    Prevention of groundwater contamination by agricultural

  2. Comparative study of some soil characteristics of grassland and forest/grassland transition in western Oregon

    Vegetation as a soil-forming factor was studied under forest

  3. The role of soil-water depletion and plant-moisture stress in soil classification and cambial activity of Douglas-fir

    Relationships between soil-water stress and plant-moisture

  4. An inquiry into some of the relationships of soil and forest cover

  5. A Dynamic Physical Model for Soil Temperature and Water in Taylor Valley, Antarctica

    We developed a simulation model for terrestrial sites including sensible heat exchange between the atmosphere and ground surface, inter- and intra-layer heat conduction by rock and soil, and shortwave and...

  6. Differential Sensitivity to Climate Change of C and N Cycling Processes Across Soil Horizons in a Northern Hardwood Forest

    Climate of the northern hardwood forests of North America will become significantly warmer in the coming decades. Associated increases in soil temperature, decreases in water availability and changes in winter...

  7. Growth and mycorrhiza formation of Douglas-fir seedlings grown in soils collected at different distances from hardwoods...

    A greenhouse bioassay was used to compare the effects

  8. Stability of soil structure for water movement in an aridisol

    Lack of stability of soil aggregates for water

  9. The effect of soil temperature and soil moisture stress on S-urea mineralization and ryegrass yield

    A growth chamber experiment was conducted to determine the

  10. Hydric Soils in Eastern Oregon Temporary Pools

    Two types of temporary poois, known as playas, occur in semiarid southeast Oregon.