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  1. Soil-Climate Feedbacks: Understanding the Controls and Ecosystem Responses of the Carbon Cycle Under a Changing Climate

    Soil organic matter (SOM) decomposition and formation is an important climate feedback, with the potential to amplify or offset climate forcing. To understand the fate of soil carbon (C) stores and fluxes...

  2. Management Intensity Effects on Lawn Soil Carbon Content in the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon Urban Ecosystem

    Prior research suggests lawns sequester large amounts of carbon, but the effects of different management regimes on this is poorly known. Within the Eugene-Springfield, OR urban area lawn management ranges from...

  3. Josephine County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-12-02)

    76 pp. Adopted 2008-12-02. Department of Land Conservation and Development Notice of Adopted Amendment

  4. Amazon Rainforest Microbial Observatory Metagenomes

    79 files of metagenomic DNA sequence data, README file, OTU tables (community matrices), and metadata file for relating sequence files to original samples.

  5. The Effects of Global Changes on Fungal Communities: Measuring Biodiversity Belowground

    Global changes resulting from human activities, including elevated levels of greenhouse gases, enrichment of nitrogen and land use changes, have led to substantial losses in biodiversity of macroscopic...

  6. Lithologic, Climatic, and Biotic vs. Abiotic Controls on Erosion and Landscape Evolution

    The triumvirate of tectonics, lithology, and climate control landscape evolution. This study quantifies how lithologic variation and climate-mediated changes in ecosystems perturb steady state processes in the...

  7. Paleosol data from Kenya.

    These data were collected to evaluate the changing vegetation and paleoclimate of Kenya over the past 20 million years, and its relevance for human evolution. Data was collected in several areas of Kenya with...

  8. Land Management, Carbon Cycling, and Microbial Dynamics in Pacific Northwest Wetlands

    52 pages. A thesis presented to the Department of Biology and the Clark Honors College of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for degree of Bachelor of Science, Spring 2016.


    The skin microbiome is a critical component of human health, however, little is understood about the daily dynamics of skin microbiome community assembly and the skin’s potential to acquire microorganisms...

  10. Clatsop County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-02-25)

    118 pp. Adopted 2009-02-25. Department of Land Conservation and Development Notice of Adopted Amendment