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  1. Prediction of Soil Layer R-Value Dependence on Moisture Content

    This study focuses on how green roof thermal performance is affected by the soil moisture in summer condition. It aims to determine whether moist soil is a better insulator during the summer months than dry...

  2. Interaction of ethofumesate with dry soil

    Previous studies have shown loss of ethofumesate activity when

  3. Characterization of hydrologic parameters and processes in shrink-swell clay soils

    Vertisols and other vertic-intergrade soils are found all over the globe, including many agricultural and urban areas. These soils are characterized by their cyclical shrinking and swelling behaviors, where...

  4. Distinguishing biological and physical controls on soil respiration

    Soil respiration, or the combined CO₂ emissions from roots and soil microorganisms, constitutes one of the largest losses of carbon (C) from terrestrial ecosystems. The major drivers of soil respiration,...

  5. The role of soil-water depletion and plant-moisture stress in soil classification and cambial activity of Douglas-fir

    Relationships between soil-water stress and plant-moisture

  6. The effect of soil temperature and soil moisture stress on S-urea mineralization and ryegrass yield

    A growth chamber experiment was conducted to determine the

  7. Soil moisture retention characteristics of certain Oregon soils as related to mechanical composition and organic matter...

  8. Short-term effects of experimental burning and thinning on soil respiration in an old-growth, mixed-conifer forest

    To understand the roles of forest management

  9. Exploring mechanisms that drive the development of reversible soil hydrophobicity

    This study focuses on one widespread characteristic of poor soil quality: hydrophobic soil. Previous research has produced conclusive evidence to show that soil hydrophobicity is affected by soil organic matter...

  10. Saturated water permeability of soils as related to air permeability at different moisture tension