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Threatened and Endangered Species

Threatened and Endangered Species


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  1. 3.13 Non-Threatened and Endangered Species

  2. 3.12 Threatened and Endangered Species

  3. Sagebrush_Users guide_email.pdf

  4. Sagebrush_Sage_Grouse_Habitat_Metric_Calculator.Version_1.0.protected.xlsx

  5. Fish Inves 1947 pt 1.pdf

  6. Fish Invest 1946 pt 2.pdf

  7. Rare, threatened, and endangered species of Oregon

    ORNHIC maintains extensive databases of Oregon biodiversity, concentrating on rare and endangered plants, animals and ecosystems. The program is managed by OSU, but has been a

  8. Rare, threatened and endangered species of Oregon

    Once lost, a species can never be recovered, and there is no way of knowing how useful it may have been. We do know that human beings and many of their industries depend on plant and animal products. About 50%...

  9. Results of inquiries to other agencies requesting methods used for seal control

    The Columbia River seal control program operated under legislative authority. The Fish Commission paid has paid a bounty since 1936 and hired a seal hunter during 1958-1970. In May 1972, the author wrote to...

  10. Tree reconnaissance report and threatened and endangered species survey


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