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Water Quantity and Quality

Water Quantity and Quality

Good water quality is essential to maintaining the delicate balance of life on earth.

Articles & Stories

"Money in a Streambank" tells the story of a regulation-driven ecosystem services project.
This multiimedia story focuses on the Whychus Creek restoration project within the Deschutes Basin...
VIP Treatment: Rewarding Landowners for Riparian Stewardship: tells the story of a voluntary program
The Deschutes Basin Bibliography was created to provide a resource for scholarly research to be...
The Crooked River at U.S. Hwy 97 (Oregon State Archives) The Crooked River is a tributary of the...

Maps and Tools

Identify mapped wetlands, water bodies, rare wetland types, and federally-listed species that... more

Data Collections

This dataset compares the published information about Oregon water bodies with their appearance... more