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  1. MidCoast sixth field watershed assessment : final report

    The study area for this assessment is composed of the Alsea, Salmon, Siletz, Yachats, and

  2. Classifying Oregon lake-watershed ecosystems for regional water resources assessment

    Natural lake-watershed ecosystems in Oregon compose a diverse and valuable assemblage of land and water resources. With an increasing demand on lakes for recreation, water supplies, and aesthetic values and an...

  3. Spatial identification and optimization of upland wetlands in agricultural watersheds

    To the best of our knowledge, one or more authors of this paper were federal employees when contributing to this work.

  4. Will wetlands restoration plans today still be effective tomorrow? Evaluation of performance of potential wetlands for peak...

    Global climate change is expected to exaggerate the severity of floods and droughts and increase the frequency of extreme streamflow events in the Midwestern United States. Managing these projected impacts...

  5. The Bull Run River–Reservoir System Model

    The Bull Run watershed is located 41.8 kilometers east of Portland, Oregon in the Mt. Hood National Forest and consists of two reservoirs supplying drinking water to over 840,000 people in the Portland...

  6. Streamflow Modeling of Johnson Creek Subwatersheds Using the Precipitation Runoff Modeling System

    Johnson Creek, in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region, has several pollutants on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 303(d) list including excess heat, low dissolved oxygen, and harmful...

  7. Jordan - Summary of Aquifer Charcteristics

  8. Problems of Water in Iran (Vol. 1-2)

  9. Yarkon River - Drowning in Sewage

  10. Miscellaneous -- appendices?