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  1. Thirtymile Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board's Oregon Watershed Assessment Manual was used

  2. Gales Creek Watershed Assessment Project

    Abstract -- This document is the Gales Creek Watershed Assessment Report prepared for the

  3. Rock and Lonerock Creeks Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The 2011 Rock and Lonerock Creeks Watershed Assessment was produced by ABR, Inc got the Gilliam-East John Day Watershed Council and the Gilliam Soil and Water Conservation District. The purpose of...

  4. Trask watershed action plan

    The purpose of this document is to

  5. The Oregon plan for salmon and watersheds. Watershed restoration inventory


    This archived document is maintained by the Oregon State Library as part of the Oregon Documents Depository Program. It is for informational purposes and may not be suitable for legal purposes.

  6. Upper Owyhee Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The 2011 Upper Owyhee Watershed Assessment was produced by the Owyhee Watershed Council and Scientific Ecological Services Inc. The purpose of the document is to discuss components of the watershed,...

  7. Calapooia River Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The Calapooia River Watershed Assessment characterizes past and current watershed conditions and evaluates opportunities for improvements in the watershed, particularly for fish habitat and water...

  8. Upper Williamson River Watershed analysis

  9. Jordan/Alder Watershed Assessment

    The Jordan/Alder Watershed is a 2,459-acre watershed located in southwest Oregon immediately west of Canyonville in Douglas County. This watershed--a portion of the O'Shea Creek HUC6, or sixth-field...

  10. Willamina Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The Willamina watershed assessment was prepared for the Yamhill Watershed Council (YBC). It contains technical information about the past and present watershed conditions. The watershed assessment...