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  1. Lower Middle Fork Willamette River Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- This watershed assessment includes the following topics: land forms and geology, land ownership and uses, hydrology, riparian habitat conditions, aquatic habitat and fish populations, wetland...

  2. Upper Powder River Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The goal ofthe Powder Basin Watershed Council (Council) is to assist local stakeholders in the watershed(s) to develop a watershed action plan from this assessment. Prior to the development of that...

  3. Lower Crooked River Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The 2008 Lower Crooked River Watershed Assessment was prepared by the Crooked River Watershed Council. The purpose of the document is to talk about the watershed and its past and current history and...

  4. Ecola Creek Watershed Assessment: A Living Document

    Abstract -- The report is the watershed assessment for the Ecola Creek watershed. The report contains information on channel habitat types, hydrology, water use, fisheries, aquatic and riparian habitat,...

  5. Powder River-Powder Valley Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The area covered by this watershed assessment is a scenic region containing a wealth of

  6. South Santiam Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The South Santiam River drains approximately 1,040 square miles and is a primary tributary

  7. Seven Basins Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The watershed assessment includes the topics: a brief history of the Seven Basins Watershed, channel habitat type classification, hydrology and water uses, riparian/wetlands assessment, impact of...

  8. Emigrant Creek Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The Emigrant Watershed Project has demonstrated three results:

  9. Williams Creek Watershed Action Plan

    Abstract -- This document is the Williams Creek Watershed Action Plan prepared for the Williams Creek Watershed Council and funded by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. The Action Plan is based on current...

  10. Pudding River Watershed Assessment, 2006

    Abstract -- Northeast of Salem, five large streams flow west out of the Cascade Mountains to join the Pudding River as it meanders north across the broad Willamette Valley and to its confluence with the Molalla...