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  1. South Coast and Lower Rogue Watersheds - Aquatic Habitat Inventory for Large Wood Placement - Monitoring Report

    Abstract -- Pre- and post-large wood placement habitat conditions are compared on 9 projects in Oregon's South Coast watersheds from 1998 to 2001. Recommendations for future monitoring are given.

  2. South Coast and Lower Rogue Watersheds - Road Storm-proofing Projects - Monitoring Report 2000-2001

    Abstract -- Road storm-proofing (sediment abatement) projects in the Lobster Creek watershed were monitored within 2 years of installation. Narrative descriptions of each project site and selected photos are...

  3. Results of Storm Sampling in the Tillamook Bay Watershed

    Abstract -- Routine water quality monitoring was conducted near the mouths of all five rivers in the Tillamook Bay watershed. This report documents results of that effort and more intensive sampling done during...

  4. Mary's River Watershed Suspended Sediment Characterization Project

    Abstract -- This stream turbidity and suspended mineralogy study was made during two winter seasons - 1998/99 and 1999/2000. Turbidity monitoring was performed in 30 locations within the 24 sub-watersheds of...

  5. McKenzie Watershed Action Plan for Water Quality and Fish and Wildlife Habitat

    Abstract -- This draft document refers to maps that are not included. It does include sections on the goals and objectives for water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in the McKenzie River watershed. It...

  6. Nestucca/Neskowin Watersheds Culvert Prioritization

    Abstract -- This dataset includes the information collected for the Nestucca/Neskowin Watershed Culvert Prioritization Action Plan. The Action Plan is posted seperately.

  7. Malheur Basin Watershed Assessment

    Abstract -- The watershed plan addresses many of the physical, biological, and geological aspects of

  8. Bottom and Cedar Creeks Sub-basins Aquatic Habitat Inventories

    Abstract -- ODFW-protocol Aquatic Habitat Inventories conducted during the summer, 2008 in the Bottom and Cedar Creeks sub-basins of the S.F. Coos River watershed.

  9. Habitat Surveys; Butte Creek and Morton Creek, New River Watershed

    Abstract -- Aquatic Inventory Project (AIP) habitat surveys for Butte Creek and Morton Creek, New River watershed.

  10. Elk-Sixes Hoop Trap Results 2012-2014

    Abstract -- The report summarizes juvenile outmigration sampling conducted between 2012 and 2014 on two tributaries in the lower Elk River watershed and two tributaries in the lower Sixes River watershed.