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  1. Water Use Strategy, North Jordan, 1978: Summary Report

  2. Water of the Jordan Watershed and Their Impact on Regional Conflict and Cooperation

  3. Includes cross-section of Litani with geological info, and diversion from Litani to Plateau de Nabatiye

  4. Hydro-geological Data on Yarmouk River (Jordan), Including Wells, Chemical Analyses, Maps, Flows, Etc. Data collected by...

  5. Green River CE-QUAL-W2 Project: A Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Study of the Green River King County, Washington

    This report describes the data processing and model calibration performed for a hydrodynamic and water quality model of the Green River, located in King County, Washington. Figure 1 shows the location of the...

  6. Evaluating Global Sensitivity Analysis Methods for Hydrologic Modeling over the Columbia River Basin

    Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSA) approach helps to identify the effectiveness of model parameters or inputs and thus provides essential information about the model performance. The effects of 14 parameters and...

  7. Continuous Deflection Separation of Stormwater Particulates

    Capture of stormwater particulate matter is of concern to watershed managers trying to meet water quality guidelines by removing toxics associated with particulates from natural water bodies. A laboratory...

  8. Automatic Calibration of Water Quality and Hydrodynamic Model (CE-QUAL-W2)

    One of the most important purposes of surface water resource management is to develop predictive models to assist in identifying and evaluating operational and structural measures for improving water quality....

  9. Waldo Lake Research in 2003

    This report summarizes the first year of an effort to develop a more complete understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics that drive the ecological processes of Waldo Lake. Modern...

  10. Modeling the Bull Run River-Reservoir System

    The City of Portland, Water Bureau currently operates 2 Bull Run reservoirs, Reservoir #2 and Reservoir #1 as a water supply source in the Bull Run watershed shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. The Water Bureau...