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  1. Role of benthic and littoral fish in the productivity and ecology of the Lake Washington drainage

  2. Zooplankton production and feeding in lakes of the Cedar River Watershed

  3. Soils and parent materials of Findley Lake, Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington

    Findley Lake watershed is located in the Snoqualmie National Forest and has a surface area of 259 ha (1 Mi²). The lake is at an elevation of 1128 m (3701 ft) but the ridges attain elevations of 1450 m (4750...

  4. Coniferous Forest Biome : summary of research and synthesis activities July 1975-August 1976

    Research activities in the post-IBP phase of the Biome program prior to

  5. Estimates of biomass of detritus food chain

    Best copy available.

  6. Checklist of fishes occuring in the Lake Washington drainage

  7. Checklist of fishes in the Lake Washington drainage

  8. Seasonal and diurnal patterns of water status in Acer circinatum

    Best copy available.

  9. Recent geomorphic history in the area of experimental watersheds 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10, H. J. Andrews Forest

    Studies in the lower Lookout Creek-Blue River area have revealed a geomorphic history including glaciation and the development of three alluvial surfaces, presently active alluvial cones and older, deeply...

  10. Ecological survey of fungi active in western coniferous forest soils

    During Biome 1, our primary objective was identification of the dominant fungi involved in litter decomposition. Two survey methods