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  1. Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS)

    Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS) is a physically based watershed model. In the OWLS

  2. An analysis of two adjacent agricultural watersheds in west central Oregon

    Two small adjacent watersheds on the west-central edge of the

  3. Middle Cow Creek Watershed assessment and action plan

    The Middle Cow Creek Watershed Assessment process has been contributed to by a group of local landowners. The group met fifteen times to review data about their watershed going into the document and portions of...

  4. Management of over-utilized streams : lessons from the Tualatin Watershed

    Published March 1994. Facts and recommendations in this publication may no longer be valid. Please look for up-to-date information in the OSU Extension Catalog: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog

  5. South Fork Alsea watershed analysis

  6. Kilchis watershed analysis

    This analysis was performed for two reasons: 1)

  7. Necanicum River watershed assessment

    In this watershed assessment, the authors of the report summarized current conditions and data gaps within the Necanicum River watershed to help to identify how current and past resource management is impacting...

  8. State of the South Slough and Coastal Frontal watersheds

    This State of the Watersheds assessment is a summary of newly collected and existing data which describe the environmental and socioeconomic conditions in Coos Bay’s South Slough and Coastal Frontal...

  9. Watershed and Aquatic Habitat Effectiveness Monitoring: A Synthesis of a Technical Workshop

    This is a synthesis of workshop notes to reflect the collection of ideas and concepts discussed on the days of the workshop. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the IMST, OWEB or any individual...

  10. MidCoast sixth field watershed assessment : final report

    The study area for this assessment is composed of the Alsea, Salmon, Siletz, Yachats, and